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Governance &



Governance & Compliance

Security Health-Check

Gain valuable insights into your current security landscape with our comprehensive Security Health-Check. Identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and prioritize actions to enhance your security posture.

ISO 27001

Achieve ISO 27001 certification with our expert guidance. We’ll help you develop and implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS) to protect your sensitive data and build trust with your stakeholders.


Ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to safeguard personal data and avoid hefty fines. Our consultants will assist you in implementing GDPR-compliant processes and practices


Protect cardholder data and meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) requirements. Our experts will guide you through the compliance process and help secure your payment systems.


Organizations operating in critical infrastructure sectors, including energy must comply with the IEC 62443 standard to secure their industrial automation and control systems. Leo Cybsec provides tailored support, assisting you through the complexities of attaining and upholding compliance with the IEC 62443 standard.


Virtual Chief Information Security Officer:
Access experienced cybersecurity leadership on-demand with our vCISO services. Benefit from strategic guidance, risk management, and security program development without the cost of a full-time CISO.

Offensive Security

Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your web and mobile applications, and your infrastructure through ethical hacking. Our penetration testers simulate real-world attacks to help you fortify your defenses.

Threat Modelling

Proactively identify and prioritize threats to your organization. Our unique threat modeling services provide a structured approach to understanding and mitigating security risks.

Red Teaming

Our team of certified ethical hackers specializes in real attack simulations, emulating the strategies of actual threat actors to thoroughly assess the resilience of your systems. Operating under controlled conditions, we perform in-depth attacks to identify the consequential results of exploiting vulnerabilities, offering valuable insights to enhance your overall security exposure.

Defensive Security

Security Operations
and Engineering

Are you looking to improve your current security operations? Our Engineering services are meticulously crafted to fortify your cybersecurity infrastructure, ensuring resilience and adaptive defense mechanisms against evolving threats.


Secure your cloud infrastructure and applications. We’ll assess your cloud security posture, provide recommendations, and assist in implementing best practices for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more.


Leo Cybsec’s Incident Response services provide swift and strategic action in the aftermath of a cybersecurity incident, minimizing damage and facilitating a rapid return to normal operations. Our expert team is dedicated to conducting thorough investigations, implementing effective containment measures, and offering comprehensive guidance to fortify your organization against future incidents.

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    testimonials of LEO CybSec


    Unlike other cyber security service providers who will look to fix just an issue, Leo Cyb Sec holistic approach allows them to go the extra mile and propose the best cyber security ROI.

    Felix Zimmermann Chief Financial Officer, Beco Capital

    Our partnership with Leo CybSec for securing our systems and achieving ISO 27001:2022 compliance was exceptional. Their unique approach not only ensured compliance but also elevated our security posture significantly. Their speed and effectiveness in guiding us through ISO 27001 complexities were impressive. Leo CybSec's proactive approach, attention to detail, and dedication to results are commendable. We highly recommend Leo CybSec for businesses who are seeking efficient security strategies and ISO 27001 compliance.

    Erik Dvergsnes CEO

    Our collaboration with Leo CybSec has been outstanding in achieving ISO 27001: 2022 certification and enhancing the security levels of our organization and platform. Their unique approach and expertise have significantly bolstered our security posture, ensuring a robust defense against cyber threats. Their team demonstrated a profound understanding of ISO 27001 standards, and the certification journey was very smooth. What impressed us the most was the speed at which we managed to achieve ISO certification. It would have taken much longer to audit and investigate to achieve the certification ourselves.

    Francesco Cipollone CEO & Founder

    A one-stop shop for cyber security services. We needed a trustworthy cyber security partner who cοuld help us identify key risks, improve the security of our systems and raise the security awareness of our employees. Leo CybSec team proved to be very efficient and managed to satisfy even the most demanding requirements. I highly recommend Leo CybSec.

    Nikos Antonopoulos Chief Information Officer

    We are really pleased with our partnership with Leo CybSec. Their can-do attitude and their effective assessments made it easy to meet our compliance requirements and renew our ISO 27001 certification. It is the partner you can rely on to protect your systems so that you can focus on business development. I highly recommend their solutions.

    Kostas S. Kastrinakis Chairman of the Board & CEO