A paradigm shift for
cyber security

A paradigm shift for
cyber security

Fortify your digital environments
by implementing smart, innovative,
resolute defences

Leo Cybsec establishment

Cybersecurity for a New Era

Born in 2020 in bustling London, Leo Cybsec has a vision set out to transform cybersecurity.

Frustrated by outdated methods, we aimed to shake up the industry.

Traditional services couldn’t keep up with evolving threats, especially for smaller businesses, who were left defenseless due to high costs and inefficiency.

Democratizing Cybersecurity

In a world reshaped by digital advances, Leo CybSec pioneers a new cybersecurity approach.

We reject the notion that security is only for big corporations.

Instead, we champion the idea that every organization, regardless of size or resources, deserves robust cyber protection.

Leo CybSec pioneers a new cybersecurity approach
Leo CybSec packages

Revolution begins here

In the realm of cybersecurity, Leo CybSec shines with expertly tailored packages guaranteeing 24/7 protection and compliance with industry standards.

Central to our innovation is the Privacy-Driven SOC as a Service, a game-changing solution that safeguards sensitive data while ensuring top-notch security—a balance once deemed challenging in the cybersecurity world.

Partners to cyber resilience

At Leo CybSec, we offer more than just innovation; our approach is all-encompassing, tailored to elevate your organization’s cybersecurity.

Recognizing each entity’s uniqueness, our experienced team provides specialized cybersecurity services.

We’re not just a security provider; we’re your partners in the quest for cyber resilience.

LEO Cybsec Partners to cyber resilience
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A comprehensive cybersecurity solution that fortifies your organization from every angle, safeguarding your data, reputation, and compliance posture in today's complex threat landscape.

Team Leo

Giannis Kostakis

Giannis Kostakis

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Anas Amer

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