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What is Threat Intelligence?

Threat Intelligence underpins everything we do, from cloud assessments to cyber threat intelligence program development: we use recent data to evaluate threats. To safeguard your cyber resilience, you must adopt the adversary’s perspective. This strategy allows us to assist you in identifying vulnerabilities, predicting threat actor behaviour, and prioritizing remediation. Our team provides threat intelligence analysis which helps understand your framework’s security intelligence in real-time and take necessary measures immediately.

Detecting today’s most advanced threats is an enormous challenge that demands rare and costly expertise and the proper security assessment services and technologies. Most organizations simply don’t have the resources, funds, or skills to make this happen. Our Threat Intelligence services take care of this heavy-lifting. Cyber Threat Management involves an iterative loop of correlating seemingly unlinked events received from network and security devices against open-source and ‘dark-web’ threat intelligence sources, ongoing research into the broader threat landscape and intimate awareness of the latest tactics, techniques and procedures being used by malicious adversaries.

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What Types of Threat Intelligence Services we offer?

1. Threat Intelligence for security operations and response

Threat Intelligence Security teams are still dealing with many warnings, triaging and investigating false positives, and trekking through an endless list of vulnerabilities and misconfigured controls. Our team makes sure you have the information you need to stay alert on zero-day attacks, reduce false or harmless signs, prioritize remediation by risk, simplify and streamline incident analysis, and accelerate containment and response.

2. Threat Intelligence to make strategic decisions

You must guarantee that your security program can support change and assist the business in scaling and growing securely to satisfy client demand with managed threat intelligence. It’s critical that you thoroughly comprehend and assess relevant risks so that you can implement effective and timely mitigation methods.

Why choose Leo CybSec Threat Intelligence?

Our team assists executive members and senior leaders in connecting threats and dangers to their strategic decisions. Our approach will give you a snapshot of your present and future threat landscapes and the capacity to model risks and understand how they affect your risk appetite. We educate your teams on the many mitigation options and assist you in developing a roadmap of people, processes, and technology to get there. This will help you communicate your security concerns in a language; your employees will understand and explain your threat intelligence plan and its benefits across your organization.