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Do you comply with the latest Security Best Practices?

With the typical cyber attack costing more than $1.7 million for mid-size enterprises, how confident are you that your business is prepared to securely operate in the current threat landscape and avoid any kind of potential disruptions? Our Security health check assessment can provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your current level of risk and identify gaps that could expose your organization to the various cyber threats. Our consultants will help you address those gaps within your IT strategy, support your operations and business goals and prepare you for any upcoming regulations or standard changes.  Our portfolio of health check services use industry best practice and assistance to help you prioritize areas for improvement and evaluate progress over time. Our health check also provides non-cyber experts with a clear, succinct picture of current security posture, as cyber risk is rapidly falling under the direct purview of the C-Suite.

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Know the risks

Mitigate threats

Prevent data breaches

Educate your employees on the dangers of cybercrime and how to avoid them.

Understand the critical areas in terms of people, processes, and technology where quick action can be taken to reduce threats.

Determine what data is leaking from your own systems, being sold on the dark web, or being made available by third-party services.


Are you ready to get your Cyber Security Scorecard? 

A Cybersecurity Health Check is critical for laying a firm foundation for your cybersecurity architecture. It will not only help you identify your weakest security areas, but it will also advise you on how to reduce any potential threats that we uncover. By asking certain questions, our cybersecurity health check service swiftly identifies potential issues. We evaluate your team’s knowledge of cyber security and risk management, as well as how you respond to cyber occurrences, to verify that your cyber risk management practices are suitably robust. A cyber health check will give you an in-depth report explaining your present cyber risk status, as well as recommendations for minimizing your total cyber risk footprint, based on best practices such as ISO 27001, NIST, CIS, Cyber Essentials and NCSC guidance. 

Our knowledgeable consultants assess your present cyber capabilities in a variety of areas, including governance and strategy, security defenses and controls, threat and vulnerability management, and incident readiness, response, and resilience. We take a step-by-step approach to determining the true nature of your organization’s threat profile, assessing its cybersecurity posture, and making practical and actionable recommendations to help you fortify your cybersecurity program.