Red Teaming

What is Red Teaming and how does it differentiate from Penetration Testing?

Specializing in cyber attack simulation, our team could impersonate and act like an actual threat actor. These exercises mimic hackers’ approach when targeting an organization in but in a more controlled manner. We work with you to draw up a series of red team exercises tailored to your organisation to assess your defences. These services go for beyond standard penetration testing by providing realistic simulation of advanced threat actors and exercising your defensive capabilities at all levels. Our techniques use real-world adversary Tactics, Practices, and Procedures to objectively assess the genuine risk posed by an attack led by capable advanced malicious threat actors.

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Benefits of Red Teaming

Understanding your organization’s susceptibility to cyber attacks requires penetration tests and security assessments. These services prepare your employees, executives, and Incident Responders for real-world threats. Red Teaming Operations aims to increase the readiness of your assets and staff through a realistic security drill that can target your organization’s cyber, physical and human information security elements.

Our Bespoke Red Teaming Methodology

Leo CybSec’s Red Teaming, made up of experienced cyber security specialists, creates realistic attack scenarios based on obtained open source intelligence (OSINT). These services utilize threat intelligence relevant to your organisation’s IT infrastructure staff and premises during red teaming testings. Each attack scenario includes a defined and measurable objective (a.k.a. critical functions or flags) that would cause severe damage to your organization’s assets, reputation, or regulatory compliance. 

The following are examples of possible objectives: 

  • * Unauthorized large-scale financial transfers
  • * Theft or exfiltration of highly private data
  • * Physical access to susceptible sites
  • * Disruption of Industrial processes or industrial control systems

The Red Team will then carry out the stated scenario by imitating real-life threat actors’ tactics, methods, and procedures, putting your organization’s incident response and crisis management team (i.e. the blue team) in the scope. The Blue Team member must be unaware of the attack results from a premeditated Red Team exercise for the operation to succeed. This ensures that they act like an actual attack is taking place.  A debriefing (also known as a replay session) is held between the Red Team and Blue Team after the exercise, during which both sides analyze the conducted scenario and discuss critical areas for improvement. In addition to this replay session, a Purple Team session can be held to delve deeper into the lessons acquired. As the simulated threat agent, the Red Team can suggest additional procedures that, if performed, would improve the detective and preventative measures, as well as highlight actions the Blue Team could have made to increase detection and response times.

Crisis management exercises (commonly known as “war games”) and resilience training are included in Leo CybSec’s Red Teaming Services to guarantee that your team, including C-Level executives, are prepared in the event of an actual “live-fire” security event.