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Why opt for Penetration Testing?

Recognise Vulnerabilities, Add Content And Comprehend The True Risk

Our penetration testing services can help you identify in-depth security weaknesses before adversaries do. We will provide a comprehensive list of finding and recommended countermeasures to overcome those weaknesses and reduce the risks of exposure to your application or infrastructure. Our approach uses manual testing methodologies and best practices. Penetration Testing is critical in any technology development or adoption of new features or systems in the modern high-tech business world.

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Why choose Leo CybSec Penetration Testing?

Threat Emulation And Penetration Testing

Before an assessment, our penetration testing team tries to break down your existing defences, discover potential vulnerabilities, and demonstrate the ways they might be exploited. We then work with you quickly to minimize risk, lower your attack surface, and implement mitigations to help you move forward confidently.

Cybersecurity Assessments Based On Outcomes That Are Suited To Your Requirements

As security experts, we are unsupportive of generic assessments focused on global threats, generic best practice recommendations, and unattainable target states.

We think and work differently at Leo CybSec because we realise that a one-size-fits-all strategy doesn’t work in a world where every business is different. Instead, we collaborate with you to provide you with bespoke cyber threat management knowledge and keep you up to date on the latest risks. Our analysts offer a variety of outcome-based assessments that are suited to your needs and include realistic, achievable, and measurable outputs that may be implemented immediately.