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Is your Data Secure at Rest and in Transit between Systems? Have you classified your data based on latest best practices and standards?

Our Data Security Assessment can help you protect your most critical data from the various types of cyber threats. Our advisors will help you assess your communication systems, data storages as well as your devices and identify any gaps that could put your critical information at risk.

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Data Security Consulting

Data Protection is critical to the success of your organization. When you need to supplement the expertise of your in-house resources, turn to Leo Cybsec for clear, actionable advice tailored to your specific needs.We provide cybersecurity consulting in all areas, from strategic program design to the most technical engineering challenges. Our goal is always the same: to assist your organization in achieving its mission in the most effective and efficient way possible.


Planning and Evaluating Security

Our experts have assisted hundreds of organizations in obtaining the answers they require to improve the security levels of their data. We will address your  strategic and operational cybersecurity concerns by collaborating with everyone from C-level executives to front-line engineers.

Project Life Cycle Services

Many organizations require expert assistance in orchestrating the security necessary to prevent insider threats and data breaches. We will assist you as follows:

– Define business requirements and set project boundaries.

– Collect relevant data for use in policy design and quality assurance testing.

– Learn how to optimize the implementation, evaluation, and tuning of your security solutions.

Consulting for Pre-Implementation

We will collaborate with your team using Leo CybSec frameworks and industry best practices to design your data security program based on your unique requirements. Key steps in our assessment are:

– Create solution architecture design diagrams for your IT environments.

– Create a pre-installation checklist and flowchart for your new system or upgrade.

– Transfer of complete expert knowledge for policy, user access and data management

Data Security Program Design

We understand that your organization requires better protection against insider threats and data theft, but do you know how to achieve this? We will create the best solution for your company based on its unique requirements. We will use this service to:

– Make a list of the security measures you currently have in place.

– Based on our extensive experience, we will perform a gap analysis based on the latest industry standards.

– Identify and prioritize critical data assets for your Data Protection program.

– Create a risk-based roadmap including all required technologies, policies and procedures.


Technical Enhancement

Are your security solutions optimized for performance? Using Leo Cybsec engineering best practices we will;

– Ensure that your environment and relevant systems are properly architected, configured, and deployed.

– Check that your underlying infrastructure meets recommended specifications and is properly sized for your data and traffic volumes.

Post-Implementation Support

Following the implementation of your data security program, we collaborate with you to ensure that relevant systems are optimized for the target environment and that your environment can handle your network traffic volumes. Our consultants will: 

– Verify that your deployment adheres to security and engineering best practices.

– Optimize your secure traffic monitoring so you can confidently deploy secure encryption without slowing down your business.

– Identify potential improvements and required team training.