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Benefits of Cloud Security

1. Insights

Discover security misconfigurations and design flows in cloud deployments.

2. Visibility

Gain visibility of any risks over your data, secure cloud storage and critical instances.

3. Validate

Compare results to industry standards, recognised frameworks and cloud computing security best practices.

4. Governance And Compliance

Create a plan for continuous risk monitoring, secure data storage, compliance and governance.

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Our Cloud Security Service Offerings

1. Recognise, assess, and improve your cloud security posture

The public cloud is fraught with dangers and cloud computing security risks. You may be concerned about your data being placed in unauthorised environments and access control to unmanaged environments, which could lead to data breaches or theft.

Our team can give you power visibility over your critical organisational assets in the cloud security architecture, allowing you to apply consistent security controls across multiple cloud security service providers. We help you manage access, permissions, and privileges and identify potential data flows or misconfigurations.

2. Regain command of your cloud attack surface

Cloud infrastructure and applications’ rapid deployment, scalability and usability give businesses a competitive advantage and happy customers. On the other hand, it could also present significant cloud computing security risks broadening the attack surface and circumventing control, policies, and procedures.

Our cloud consulting team can assist you in discovering and regaining control of your cloud attack surface. We provide risk-adjusted visibility into your application, services and storage, allowing you to properly configure and apply risk-based policies and authority to protect your customer data, applications, and infrastructure from potential threats.


Our Cloud Security Service Methodology

As organisations move their on-prem infrastructure to the Cloud, new challenges and risks are introduced. Our secure cloud experts can help you identify critical gaps, enhance your security defences and gain more visibility over the security of your data on the programmatic approach to security while enabling you to focus on the organisation’s digital transformation and drive business innovation.