Enhancing ISO 27001:2022 Compliance with Hoplon Tool

Enhancing ISO 27001:2022 Compliance with Hoplon Tool

Leo CybSec Team


The ISO 27001:2022 standard sets forth a rigorous framework for managing information security. Compliance with this standard is crucial for organisations seeking to protect their information assets effectively. This blog explores the significance of ISO 27001:2022 and introduces Hoplon’s ISO 27001 Readiness Tool, designed to streamline compliance processes.

ISO 27001:2022 Overview:

The ISO 27001:2022 version upholds the core principles of its predecessors, focusing on establishing and maintaining a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS). This globally recognized standard outlines a systematic set of policies, procedures, and controls aimed at securing an organisation’s information assets. Its flexible framework allows organisations to conduct thorough risk assessments to identify their specific security vulnerabilities and threats, which could also include issues related to the use of IoT devices, cloud services, or other emerging technologies. Based on this strategy, organisations can then apply the relevant controls from the ISO 27001 standard in a way that addresses their unique risks and security needs. Lastly, it is important to note that ISO 27001:2022 is characterised by its extensive structure, comprising 7 clauses and 93 controls, underscoring

the rigorous and comprehensive nature of its implementation. This breadth and depth highlight the standard’s demanding criteria, necessitating a diligent and meticulous approach to embed these controls effectively within an organisation’s ISMS.

The Importance of Adherence to Standards:

Adherence to the ISO 27001:2022 standard is pivotal for organisations seeking to protect their information assets in today’s complex digital environment. By aligning with the standard’s guidelines, organisations can systematically identify and address the security risks unique to their operations, including those arising from the integration of advanced technologies like IoT devices and cloud-based services. Implementing the standard’s comprehensive controls enables a tailored defence mechanism against a wide array of threats, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. Moreover, compliance with ISO 27001 enhances organisational credibility, fostering trust among clients, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies by demonstrating a commitment to recognized best practices in information security management.

Introducing Hoplon’s Readiness Tool: Leo CybSec Hoplon offers a suite of security features, including Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), email, browser, and cloud security. Central to the advanced package is the ISO 27001 Readiness Tool, which enables organization to achieve efficient and effective compliance with all ISO 27001:2022 controls. Hoplon’s ISO Readiness Tool simplifies the journey to ISO 27001:2022 compliance. At the core of its functionality lies a comprehensive gap analysis feature. This critical first step contrasts existing security protocols against the rigorous benchmarks set by ISO 27001, offering a clear delineation of areas requiring enhancement. Such an analysis is instrumental in quantifying compliance readiness, expressed as a precise percentage, thereby providing organisations with a tangible metric of their current stance relative to ISO standards.

It also offers a suite of tailored recommendations designed to address these identified deficiencies, guiding organisations on the path to compliance. By updating their security frameworks in line with these recommendations, businesses can methodically elevate their compliance status, ensuring adherence to ISO 27001 mandates.

Moreover, Hoplon revolutionises the compliance journey by introducing automation in the enforcement and management of control measures. This automation capability significantly reduces the manual burden associated with maintaining compliance, particularly in dynamic operational environments. Through the automated upkeep of control measures, organisations can ensure sustained alignment with ISO 27001 requirements, protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their information assets amidst evolving cybersecurity challenges.

Key Features of Advanced Hoplon:

  1. EDR Security: Provides continuous monitoring and threat detection at endpoints, essential for identifying potential security risks.
  2. Email Security: Guards against email threats, aligning with ISO 27001’s communication security requirements.
  3. Browser Security: Ensures secure web navigation, protecting against online threats and securing data transfer.
  4. ISO Readiness Meter: Evaluates an organisation’s compliance with ISO 27001 standards, offering insights and guidance for achieving full compliance.
  5. Cloud Security: Secures data stored in cloud services like Google Drive, essential for asset management and control as per ISO 27001
  6. Patch Management: Automates the identification and application of necessary software patches, ensuring that all systems are up-to-date and protected against known vulnerabilities, which is a critical aspect of maintaining a strong security posture
  7. People Training: Offers comprehensive security awareness and training programs for employees, addressing the human aspect of cybersecurity. This feature helps in cultivating a security-conscious culture within the organisation, significantly reducing the risk of human error-related security incidents.
  8. Ready to use Policies: Provides a set of predefined security policies templates that can be easily customised and implemented by organisations. These ready-to-use policies help in establishing a solid foundation for compliance and security governance, streamlining the process of adhering to best practices and regulatory requirements.


ISO 27001:2022 compliance is essential for protecting information assets in today’s digital landscape. Hoplon’s comprehensive security suite, particularly the ISO 27001 Readiness Tool, offers a streamlined path to compliance, ensuring organisations can meet the standard’s requirements efficiently and effectively. By leveraging Hoplon, organisations can enhance their information security management systems and demonstrate their commitment to industry best practices.


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