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By working in partnership with a Senior Cyber Security Expert, you can add a valuable member to your leadership team. vCISO will work with you to ensure that your data, your products and your business are protected and your organisation will comply with latest regulations and standards. Our vCISOs have extensive experience of managing all aspects of today’s cyber security landscape and will help you develop and deliver a bespoke cyber security strategy tailored to your needs and based on your long term goals and plans.

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What is a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)?

A virtual Chief Information Security Officer, or vCISO, is an experienced leader who works with firms on a regular basis to give all of the critical cyber security support that an in-house senior executive would provide, but in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. Get daily cyber security advice and support from a virtual CISO, as well as long-term security strategy, vision, program and policy formulation, and implementation. vCISOs undertake a full examination of a company’s security posture in order to identify gaps and improve security over time. vCISO will step in as a long-term resource for your team or as an interim CISO to develop security standards, implement controls, and respond quickly to incidents—constantly refining your approach to handle threats industry best practices and laws, as well as a dynamic threat landscape.

When it comes to cyber security, this is the obvious choice.

Constant attention is required to ensure the protection of critical corporate data, including your customers’ sensitive personal and financial information. Nowadays, small- to medium-sized enterprises require the same level of security and intelligence as larger corporations. This is where we come in. Through our virtual CISO service, we can safeguard your organization to the same degree as a full-time Chief Information Security Officer without the high cost of executive salaries and benefits. Collaborate with an experienced vCISO who can maintain a relationship with your team and become familiar with your environment and industry so you can remain on top of ever-changing threats and regulations.

How can a Virtual CISO help your company?

A vCISO is your security point of contact for any security-related matters, providing a direct channel to specialists as queries occur, they will respond to incidents, answer customer security-related queries, and handle any data breaches that may occur. A virtual CISO will participate in meetings when security knowledge and assistance are required, in addition to providing continuous and ad hoc support. The following services are available as part of our vCISO package:

– Vulnerability Management 

– Security Awareness Training

– Security Policies

– Data Classification

– Compliance with Security Standards (ISO 27001, NIST, Cyber Essentials+, PCI-DSS, GDPR)

– Implementation of the Privacy Program

– Risk Management and Vendor Contracts

– Management of Identity and Access

– Designing a Security Architecture

– Risk Assessment and Management

– Audit Management and Audit Remediation

– SOC Readiness

Benefits of a Virtual CISO Service

Change your security profile with our help, with a vCISO support model that integrates easily as an extension of your team and is both handy and cost-effective. While our model’s significant cost savings are appealing, the vCISO benefits go much further, providing a distinct edge above both executive recruitment and collaboration with a single security expert. The vCISO plan from Cyber Security Services combines the strength of our combined team’s knowledge with the personal attention of a specialized leading consultant with industry experience. Beyond that, we provide executive-level strategy, security planning, annual risk assessments, and the scalability you need to respond to changing business demands. 

How can Leo CybSec support your Cyber Risk Strategy?

While hiring a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to head risk management and information assurance programs, is not always cost feasible. With hands-on vCISO support from a specialized advisor who already understands your business environment, you can lower your risk profile to your approved level. We’re business owners who wear several hats, just like you, and can defend your company with the correct strategic and operational vision. Partner with a proactive, self-driven virtual CISO to provide the flexibility you need to respond to external pressures like customer requests, audit needs, and emerging cyber risks.