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Benefits of Threat Modelling for Businesses

When it comes to identifying vulnerabilities, security Threat Modelling is the most effective method to:

  • – Detect flaws early in the Software Development Life Cycle, even before a single line of code is produced
  • – Identify design issues that standard testing techniques and code reviews may miss, maximiazing your testing budget
  • – Examine fresh and emerging threats that you might not have considered before
  • – Identify security threats in your requirements and processes and save money by fixing them before deploying software or rewriting expensive code
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Threat Modelling Methodologies

Types of Threat Modelling Techniques.

STRIDE – Spoofing, Tampering, Repudiation, Information Disclosure, Denial of Service, Elevation of Privilege

PASTA – Process for Attack Simulation and Threat Analysis

TRIKE – Risk-Based Approach with unique implementation and Risk-Modelling process

VAST – Visual, Agile, and Simple Threat Modeling

OCTAVE – Focused on assessing organisational risks that may result from breached information assets


Find Your Design Flaws By Using Threat Modelling

Threat modelling is one of the most effective ways to take enterprise security seriously. Regardless of how much you invest in security, cybercriminals and attackers are growing more adept every day. That’s why your company must take a proactive approach to cybersecurity, outpacing attackers at every turn to find hidden flaws before they do.

Similarly, cyber threat modelling is a multifaceted, cross-organizational activity that can range from a few to a thousand security procedures, depending on the company’s size. That’s where threat modelling services come in, with a unique approach to business architecture security that allows you to prioritize the resources and programs needed to keep your organization secure, optimizing resources and maximising security modelling.

Why choose Our Threat Modelling Services

It is critical for every business to identify potential security threats, types of cyber attacks and vulnerabilities that could affect your organization’s framework at an early stage. Our proven methodology applies a combination of techniques to all your digital assets, including software, applications, networks, distributed systems, business processes, etc.When used properly, a Threat modelling framework can help organisations design more secure products and save resources and money by remediating potential issues as soon as possible.

We understand that threat modelling methodology is complex, especially as the threat landscape becomes increasingly sophisticated. As a result, we can assist you in simplifying it.

Threat Modelling Services from Leo CybSec can support you in achieving security by design in your project and mitigating cyber risks before they reach your applications. Our service assesses and quantifies vulnerabilities based on their potential for causing harm to the organisation and then identifies the most effective security decisions that can be deployed to mitigate them, as well as recommendations for where to focus resources to provide the best protection.