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The ISO 27001 standard is one of the most popular security standards designed to help organizations implement a strong information security management system (ISMS). This covers all policies and processes relevant to how data is controlled and used by your organization. Whether you are looking to comply with ISO 27001 requirements or seeking certification, it could be a complex initiative involving; risk management, policy refinement and continuous security improvement. Attempting compliance using traditional methods or just checklists could be proved time-consuming and eventually lead to serious issues. Our compliance experts will help you build a successful ISO 27001 framework tailored to your organization’s needs, empowering you to achieve accreditation and add an extra layer of trust for your clients.



Leo Cybsec offers several degrees of support, assistance, and training to companies seeking ISO 27001 or 27701 accreditation.

The internationally recognized standard for creating an effective Privacy Information Management System is ISO 27701 (PIMS). This standard is a supplement to ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 for privacy management within an organization. Organizations that have implemented ISO 27001 will be able to apply ISO 27701 to extend their security efforts to include privacy management, including the processing of personal data/PII (personally identifiable information), which can help them demonstrate that reasonable measures have been taken to comply with data protection laws like the GDPR. We give complete end-to-end support and assistance, allowing organizations to get ISO 27001 and ISO27701 accreditation while we handle all operational activities. Companies who wish to improve their risk procedures but don’t want to hire teams of employees to start internal projects can benefit from a fully managed certification process.

We can efficiently integrate security into organizations using our Assessment, Planning, Deliver, Procedures, and Improve methodology.

What do we cover and how do we approach compliance with ISO27001? We will support you during all stages: 

Step 1: Assemble a strong implementation team

Step 2: Develop the comprehensive plan

Step 3: Define the ISMS scope

Step 4: Identify your security baseline

Step 5: Establish a complete risk management process

Step 6: Implement a risk treatment plan

Step 7: Measure, monitor and review your implementation

Step 8: Get Certified!


Are you looking to achieve ISO 27701 accreditation? Our program will cover all required areas such as:

– Policies Concerning Personal Information

– Privacy Arrangements

– Asset Management and Human Resource Security

– Controlling Access

– Cryptography

– Physical and environmental safety are both important.

– Security Operation

– Safety of communication

– Acquisition, development, and upkeep of systems

– Supplier partnerships

– Management of privacy incidents

– Aspects of business continuity management that concern privacy

– Compliance

– Collection and processing conditions

– Obligations to adhere to the PII principles

– PII sharing, transfer, and disclosure with privacy by design and by default


Why Leo CybSec?

Our consultants have a wealth of experience and are Lead Auditor and Implementer certified. This guarantees that we meet our clients’ needs and can give value-added support by applying our industry knowledge and skills to the standard’s certification requirements.

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