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Why Human Risk Management?

Humans are targets

Phishing has increased by 667% in 2020

Humans make mistakes

Over 90% of data breaches are the result of human error

The importance of compliance

Key security standards like ISO 27001 require regular security awareness training.

Cybercriminals are evolving

> 80% of businesses have experienced an increase in cybercrime.
> Cloud-based attacks are up by 625%
> Business email compromise fraud is up by 200%

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Your one-stop solution for a security-savvy workforce.

Understand and strengthen your business’s security posture against human error and user-targeted attacks through ongoing Human Risk Management (HRM).

Drive security awareness

Train staff on modern security best practices through engaging security awareness courses.

Reduce human error

Educate staff on how to avoid common mishaps like sending sensitive data to the wrong person.

Combat phishing attacks

Empower users with the ability to spot, avoid and report even the most sophisticated phishing attacks.

Safeguard exposed users

Reduce the chances of an attack by detecting when user credentials are stolen and exposed on the dark web.

Implement security standards

Keep staff well-versed on company security procedures with core policy templates and trackable approvals.

Demonstrate compliance

Showcase your compliance efforts with real-time reporting on how your business is addressing human risk.

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How It Works?

We tackle human risk through a proven formula

We Address Human Risk With A Proven Methodology

Ongoing HRM, 100% managed for you.

Staff productivity is increased with bite-sized courses.

No more chasing users with automatic course reminders!

Frequent summary reports keep you informed.

We’ll illuminate your company’s existing personnel security posture and provide a free Human Risk Report (HRR) outlining your Risk Score and a step-by-step action plan.

Your employees will be enrolled in their individualised HRM programme, which will include bite-sized training classes and occasional phishing simulations to reinforce their security behaviour.

Understand the impact of your HRM programme with regular summary reports that outline training performance, phishing results and your ongoing human risk score.

key Features

Everything you need to tackle human risk, managed for you

Security Awareness Training

Bite-sized video and interactive training courses that cover core infosec and compliance topics.

Simulated Phishing

Trackable simulated phishing campaigns with readily-made and custom templates.

Dark Web Monitoring

Dark web scanning that detects exposed user data that could be leveraged for a cyber attack.

Policy Management

Centralised pre-loaded policy library that simplifies and tracks employee signature approvals.

Human Risk Scoring

Company-wide human risk scoring that fuses all reporting metrics into one easy-to-digest tracker.

In-Depth Risk Analytics

Dig deep into human cyber risk with user performance profiles, trends and custom segments.

    Watch a Demo

    Get your free Human Risk Report Section

    Understand your current employee security posture with a free one-page report.

    1. Submit the form

    2. We’ll scan your domain and the dark web for possible routes of attack, then launch a phishing simulation that replicates real-world attack techniques

    3. You’ll get your free one-page report, outlining:

  • Your business’s human risk score
  • Estimated ‘Time-to-Breach’
  • Employee phishing simulation results.
  • Breakdown of data exposed on the dark web.
  • Your step-by-step remediation plan
  • 4. Please make sure the form is in our colours and is very legible.

    5. I will also send the example report via slack.